Health Insurance:- Provide services for Individual Health, and/or Public and Private entities; Also, provide Medicare for disabled and retirees and their families..

Task Specific Solutions. TAS is willing to perform any pension plan administration need that you may have, on a task specific basis. We feel sure that we can accomplish these

TAS comprehensive administration solutions, bundled with the TAS Internet Portal. This is as full service coupled with enrollment in the TAS Internet Portal. Please review further in this document a

Rollovers:- Provide services for Lump Sum Rollovers, IRA Rollovers, Guarenteed Withdrawal of Lifetime Benefits, and services for annuities to help grow your money, retain your growth, and never lose to

Life Insurance :- Provide services for life insurance, and final expense plans for individuals and/or Public and Private entities. TAS works hand and hand with carriers to provide the neccesary

We offer our amazing TAS Internet Portal to those that desire the pension plan administration software, but have minimal need for pension plan administration. We can have your plan coded

We offer In house Licensing of the Internet Portal to those that desire to host the license in house and TAS would provide comprehensive database and web support to plan