Task Specific Solutions


TAS will serve as liaison and primary person of contact for

◦ All plan participants, retirees and their beneficiaries
◦ All governing entities: State, Local and Federal
◦ We will maintain communication and handle all coordination with, the plan custodial Bank, plan actuaries, investment consultants, Auditors, Managers, and Legal Counsel
◦ We will work hand in hand with the plan sponsors to meet all needs possible of plan participants
◦ If you have a question, we will have the answer, or make it our top priority to find it

TAS will

◦ Generate data for the actuary
◦ Generate annual benefit statements
◦ Manage benefit payments and adjustments ‘
◦ Generate benefit estimates
◦ Maintain policies and procedures set forth by plan sponsors
◦ Provide orientation packets for new plan sponsors
◦ Monitor and implement all updates and changes necessary to plan document
◦ Monitor personnel records of participants via portal
◦ Maintain historical and current information for benefit calculations via portal
◦ Maintain participant status reconciliation for actuarial, and audit purposes
◦ Generate benefit forms of all retirees, DROs, and beneficiaries
◦ Maintain confidentiality of participant’s records

TAS will

◦ Generate benefit statements annually for participants via portal
◦ Provide guidance and assistance to all questions and information requested
◦ Determine if participant is eligible for benefits before processing
◦ Generate contribution reconciliation of participants via portal
◦ Generate distribution reconciliation of benefits via portal
◦ Verify salary history via portal against payroll
◦ Verify service per participants via portal against plan sponsor
◦ Coordinate all data with governing entity (the city)
◦ Coordinate forms required to process request for benefits
◦ Review paperwork with participants
◦ Provide final paperwork to Board of Trustees for final approval
◦ Monitor and Process benefits and contributions with Custodial Bank
◦ Determine taxable, non-taxable, and prorated portion of benefits
◦ Calculate and make adjustments to any changes to benefits due to law changes
◦ Prepare Domestic Relation Orders paperwork for legal review

TAS will maintain and/or monitor Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Reports for:

◦ Contributions
◦ Number of Benefits Paid
◦ Amount of Benefits Paid
◦ Expenses Paid
◦ Rate of Return
◦ Review and reconcile monthly and annual financial statements from Custodial Bank

TAS will maintain Reports Required for Compliance:

◦ Compile reports to provide:
data to actuaries for special studies and actuarial valuations
data to external auditors for annual audit or financial statements
data to State Pension Review Board
◦ Monitor:
service contracts
investment transaction confirmations
service provider’s compensation
◦ Provide reports to Plan Sponsor from investment performance
◦ Provide monthly correspondence from investment managers and consultants
◦ Maintain Policy and Procedure updates and distribute accordingly

TAS may perform other Duties and Responsibilities for the Plan Sponsor:

◦ Compile agendas and minutes for legal review
◦ Post and distribute agendas
◦ Attend board meetings as requested by the Plan Sponsors
◦ Make presentations as requested by the Plan Sponsors
◦ Maintain calendar of events and more
◦ Assist with Board of Trustee elections
◦ Monitor legislative changes to federal, state and local laws impacting the pension plan