One size does not fit all!

The professionals, at Tinsley Administrative Solutions, understand that the size and complexity of defined benefit pension plans are many. While, comprehensive plan administration and full internet portal capability are, exactly what many plans sponsors need and desire, it may not fit for others. Setting up your plan on the TAS internet portal will be an absolute game-changing solution for those that choose to keep their administration in house. To try and meet the varying needs of plan sponsors, TAS has developed three tiers of service.

Tier 1

TAS comprehensive administration solutions

bundled with the TAS Internet Portal. This is a full service coupled with enrollment in the TAS Internet Portal.  Please review further for a detailed description of our internet portal and the amazing web tools that will be available to plan sponsors and participants alike!

Tier 2

TAS Internet Portal

to those that desire the pension plan administration software, but have minimal need for pension plan administration. We can have your plan coded into our system and up and running in a matter of weeks as opposed to months. We will, of course, supply all the IT support you will need with this option. Again, a detailed description of what you can expect from the TAS Internet Portal can be found further in this document.

Tier 3

In house Licensing of the Internet Portal

to those that desire to host the license in house and TAS would provide comprehensive database and web support to plan administrators, plan sponsors, and/or board of trustees.

Tier 4

Task-Specific Solutions

TAS is willing to perform any pension plan administration need that you may have, on a task-specific basis. We feel sure that we can accomplish these at a far more reasonable rate than you may now be paying your service providers.

Tier 5

Other Solutions

Provide services as Wealth Heritage Group, LLP for group life insurance, and group health insurance for Public and Private entities. WHG works hand and hand with carriers to provide services.

Tier 6

And More

Provide services as Wealth Heritage Group, LLP for Medicare, Rollovers, and Final Expense needs for members. WHG works hand and hand with carriers to provide services.